Friday, April 24, 2009

Went out yesterday, the 23rd and my daughter Kersti's birthday, and probably found the only Humpback in 100 sq miles. No fluke shot but good flank ID's. We are pretty sure it is a male so we named him KK; a name Kersti's mother and I called her when she was very young. The picture is of the new "KK" or HB # 43 09.

The trip to Isla Cerralvo was very nice. No sharks of any kind but we saw two Humpbacks on our way there so they are still clearly around though it is pretty late in the season. The water was very clear and we saw many different species of fish but we all agreed that our own reef right here in Cardonal is just as rich. It has given me impetus to regenerate my reef studies.

Kinda tired so a bit cryptic I'm afraid....but feeling great!

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