Friday, January 11, 2013

 My daughter Kersti sent me this picture. I’m not sure what it is about it that struck me so deeply but knew I wanted to share it. No question but that many times in my life Kersti has brought me strength, comfort and peace. There is something very strong about this “angel” and perhaps that’s what it is that impacts me so much – Kersti is like that. Actually, I just realized that it is not an angel at all, it is a Faerie - that's why it appeals to me so much! It makes all what I have said about Kersti much more relevant to me.


Almost exactly 15 years ago I boarded the 84 ft sailing schooner Dariabar to sail with her as a crewman from San Francisco to Hawaii to monitor the humpback population around Kauai during the ATOC experiment. It was my first passage on a sailing vessel and I look upon it as one of the three most important periods in my life’s journey.

                                                 The Constellation Orion

Being the novice crewman on board I drew “dogwatch” (12:00am-4:00am, 12:00pm-4:00pm) so I was told to pretty much steer by the stars during my nights at the helm. It was the constellation Orion that I used to guide the boat towards Hawaii. Today as I gaze up at Orion and remember those many nights being guided by the above stars I am drawn back to the memory of a younger man and all the things that he was beginning to learn about himself, the sea and friendship. In particular I think of my helmsmate, Jack Frost, who spent many nights with me in the open cockpit discussing everything “under the stars” and literally stood by me at the helm during a midnight gale in mid-pacific….aahh, thanks Jack wherever you are.

 Here I am at the helm of Dariabar – my home for close to 6 months, 1998.

 And here’s Jack, ex-New Zealand commando, music lover, philosopher, FRIEND.


On Solstice morning I was on my way down to the beach to do my exercises. I have to cross this little bridge over the gully and shortly after crossing over a wasp stung me on the ankle. Not being prepared for that I lost my footing and “careened” into the gully to the right. I kept my legs under me (missing a host of major brambles and  football sized rocks), did not twist an ankle or spring a knee, stuck my hands out to cushion my crash into the other side of the gully (did not sprain or break a wrist – always a problem for me in football/basketball) ended up in a push up pose against the other side and…..NOT A SCRATCH, NOT A BREAK – NADA. I took a deep breath, thanked The Great Mystery and all my favorite Gods and Goddesses and began to laugh. I am still amazed at how that could have happened!

As part of my new years tradition here in Baja I always put up a new Earth Flag on the 1st. Here’s why – it gets windy down here.

Earth Flag, Dec. 31st, 2012

Earth Flag, Jan. 1st, 2013

William and Ariel Durant  1939

This is a picture of William and Ariel Durant who co-authored the magnificent series of books, “The Story of Civilization”. I recently finished the first of 10 volumes and was desperately seeking the next volume so I put out a request on the local gringo “need” internet site. UNBELIEVABLE! There is a woman in San Jose del Cabo who has all 10 and is more than happy to lend them to me. I cannot even begin to describe what a great work this series is and I believe anyone who wants to “connect the dots” of history should start here. Am I lucky or what?

“He conceived of philosophy as total perspective, or, seeing things sub specie totius, a phrase inspired by Spinoza's sub specie aeternitatis. He sought to unify and humanize the great body of historical knowledge, which had grown too voluminous and become fragmented into esoteric specialties, and to vitalize it for contemporary application. Durant was a gifted prose stylist and storyteller who won a large readership in great part because of the nature and excellence of his writing, which, in contrast to formal academic language, is lively, witty, charismatic, colourful, ornate, epigrammatic, in short, humanized".


Extraordinary Breach

You’ve got to love those humpbacks!! Not my pic but I’ve seen a few doing close to this. Two went by a couple of days ago but I wasn’t here. My good friend Roxanne, ever vigilant for me, e-mailed to let me know they were moving my way but unfortunately I was not here. I will have many opportunities in the next 3 months however, so no rush.

BTW: a week ago I was interviewed on “Hay House Radio” about my book. It will be broadcast all over the world sometime in February, I’ll let you all know when I find out the dates.

Kayaking in The WZ in January

Since a good part of my book is about ME, and the healing journey I have been on, I wanted to share this little ditty I saw on FB. I’m trying to do just this.


Sometimes all it takes is one picture to remind me of the absolute grandeur of life. To me, the picture below epitomizes the concept of peace in it’s simplest and purest form.


May your journey be full of adventure, risk and heart pounding joy – cross the bridge and see what is on the other side. This pic was sent to me by my Sweet Thing, Terry, in Charlotte. Remember the Nave greeting in Avatar, “I see you”? Well, am I not lucky to be seen with this much understanding of who I am.

The bridge to adventure

So, get on with it!


Happy Trails