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Photographs of Whale IDs, Expeditions and other Travel
Photo-ID images for Humpbacks 2008, also at mysticeti.odontoceti
Photo-ID images for Humpbacks 2007
Photo-ID images for Humpbacks 2006
Photo-ID images for Humpbacks 2005
Whales, People, Places 2008 (m.o)
Whales, People, Places 2007
Includes Blues and Sperm Whales!

Blue Whales, 2006
Unique Places and People, 2005

Expeditions: places and crews (Expedition History)
What is Whale Photo Identification
One visitor's images
Birds of Baja California Sur
More information about the Humpback
National Wildlife Federation: Humpback Whales
Photo Identification Project Gallery (Puerto Vallarta)
WhaleNet Photo Identification and Catalog
Pacific Whale Foundation: Whales and Dolphins
Recommended Reading


          THE OTHERS  "The Whale People": A Personal Journey of Discovery,
           Transformation and Healing, Urmas Kaldveer, Balboa Press, 2012              
Whales and other Marine Mammals of California and Baja,
Tamara Eder, Lone Pine Books
         A Guide to the Photographic Identification of Individual Whales 
       Lien/Katona, Breakwater Press                        
WhaleTales: Human Interactions with Whales Vol 1 & 2,
Peter J. Fromm, Whale Tales Press
        Souls in the Sea,
      Scott Taylor, Director of the Cetacean Studies Institute