Monday, April 7, 2014

This is the most dramatic series of shots I have ever gotten of a humpback in full breach. We had been following this guy for some time hoping for a good fluke shot (which we got) so I was “camera ready” if he should suddenly appear again – well, he did, but not as a slow breathing rise to the surface but a full on breach not 40’ from the front of the panga. I was incredibly lucky that all things happened perfectly and I got this beautiful shot. It has nothing to do with skill, just pure luck and a gift from “The Whale People". 

 Full Breach - HELLO!

Here’s a shot of his ID photo – he is HB# 35 14.

I think he may have been drawn to our boat by our very own Siren, Kendal Cook!

Neighbor and resident "Siren" Kendal Cook

My son Zack was there also and has become quite the spotter and inveterate kayaker since arriving here. We ID’d 6 whales that day! Even with missing all of February due to the OP, I am up to 47 IDs so far for the season – not bad at all.

 Proud dad and son  

Zack’s workout regimen also pushes me to greater physical effort and is inspiring lots of “sea time” in our kayaks.

One more “world class” fluke shot!

HB# 44 14

For those interested in history, here’s a little reality check regarding national borders. If you are diligent and do a bit of research the play of pieces and why they change becomes evident – think resources.

Speaking of history here is a picture sent to me by my Estonian cousin Hillar showing my grandmother “Ami” and her daughters – (from left) Adi, Leida and my mom Erika.

And here’s my daughter Kersti as a baby with her mom Macy.....

 And Kersti now!

 My sweet, sweet Kersti

OK – a little science.

Our Universe, or what is actually one member of a MUCH larger multi-verse, has always captivated my imagination. Partially because of my love for science fiction and partially because of my somewhat new found belief that the WHOLE THING is IMPOSSIBLE!! I discussed this with my dear friend Alan Pomeroy one day and he looked at me as though I had gone completely bonkers (and who can say I haven’t?). The scientific community continues to courageously attempt to open the eyes of the human race to our minor but lovely role in the scheme of things while some folks insist on perpetuating a nebulous and outrageous myth of special creation. Special we are, no doubt about that. We have an efficient brain, a facile mind and a consciousness (dare I say soul) that is absolutely CONNECTED to whatever the scheme is.....yet, to my eyes, the whole thing is still impossible. Believe me when I say that I love it all nonetheless. So here’s a little something to put in your pipe and smoke.

"It teaches us something crucial about how our universe began," said Sean Carroll, a physicist at California Institute of Technology, who was not involved in the study. "It's an amazing achievement that we humans, doing science systematically for just a few hundred years, can extend our understanding that far."

This is your and my reality - make no mistake about that!

A little closer to Earth and at present far more important than cogitating on the beyond (though I claim my right as a thinking human being to do so) is this reminder of where we live. This may also be used to connect some dots regarding the history note at the beginning of this post.

 Look closely please!

And speaking of water (my mind is a multi-lane freeway), on the 22nd of last month Jean-Luc, Zack and I were out kayaking and on the way in spotted a humpback coming our way. We maneuvered for an intercept and before he got to us he gave us a mighty breach and then passed directly under our kayaks as he continued south. So very cool! He was so close and the water so clear that we could see his body as he passed underneath.

Then just the other day – April 5th, Zack and I were kayaking and came across a pod of dolphin, a sea lion, lots of Mobulas and two humpbacks. Zack gave all of them one Hell of a good chase but the humpbacks eluded us.

I leave you with a picture of Zack’s contribution to my “rock art” garden.

 Zack's contribution

And an appeal for all of you to send this young man, Jonathan, the energy he needs to defeat the Lymphoma that has invaded his body.