Adopt a Whale

In 2007 I began an “Adopt a Whale Program”. For a donation of $50.00 you will receive a picture of your whale and the data sheet for it. It will be up to you to name it, though gender specific names are not encouraged (very difficult to sex a whale). The Whale can however be named in honor of a person… be creative.

If your Whale is seen again I will inform you of it and provide another picture and data sheet. Below is an example of one of the Whales adopted earlier and the data sheet.

                                  HB# 11 11  "Dottie"  Terry Kerr

                             Date: 3/17/11
                             Time: 8:43 am
                             Global Position:
                                        Latitude     23 degrees 48.484'
                                        Longitude 109 degrees 39.386'
                              Local Position: Punta Pescadero
                              Miles from Shore: 4
                              Number of Whales: 3
                              Approx. Size: adults
                              Surface Behavior: pectoral slaps, some combat,
                                                           heading variable

         Send a check made out to MioSah to: MioSah, C/O Susan Janssen, 106 Canyon Dr., Ukiah, CA 95482. Include the request for adoption and I will send the material to you via e-mail.

So far over 50 whales have been adopted. They make excellent gifts.