Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Bub" the iguana
 Well, you have seen this guy before, it’s my Spiny Tailed Iguana land partner “Bub”. He has a lady living with him now and I expect to see some little Iguanas around soon. He lives about 12 feet from my trailer door so we see each other often. He’s been with me 3 or 4 years now and I enjoy his company immensely.
 Northern Cardinal
 Lots of these around this summer, it’s a Northern Cardinal, always a great sight. This one became Terry's friend.

Took a trip to Cabo on June 19th and saw the tail end of the security activity around the G20 summit that had just taken place the week prior. Marines, Federales, Municipal Police, Navy, machine guns, recoilless rifles etc. The airport tarmac covered with 747’s from all over the world…..INTENSE! I lucked out and was stopped only once.
 Federales, toned way down from the old days!

Had a great time watching a Hermit Crab dig his way down into the sand as the sun got higher and the beach hotter. So diligent, so effortless… perfect!

I think it only right that I pay respect to my 1999 Subaru Impreza and it’s loyalty over the years. Six round trip drives from Ukiah to the tip of Baja without ONE mechanical problem, flat tire or accident (close calls but the car always had the speed/stability to avoid possible trouble). She’s beginning to look a bit “Mexican” but that’s just as it should be, I am too!

 Sometimes I see something on FB that I need to pass on. Check this out.

The Sea Turtles are starting to nest. I’ve seen two mothers within 25 yards of shore looking for the best beach egress. I’m so tempted to swim out to them and join them but not good, any activity on my part is an impediment to them.

Lots of good kayaking since my return home from The States, quiet, tranquil, powerful, loving and in the arms of Grandmother again. I have never felt the full impact of The American Lifestyle until this recent trip…..overwhelming!

On the 3rd of July my “Sweet Thing”, Terry Kerr from Charlotte, came to share Shangri-La with me for 12 days. It is truly a gift from The Great Mystery to bring this delightful spirit into my life. I have never spent a more wonderful time with anyone.
Terry and me inside the palapa we built..."Shangri-La II"

Terry after completing Shangri-La II

 Terry left on Saturday the 14th, I, and all of Shangri-La, will miss her. My critter friends too will miss her soft and friendly voice as she befriended “Bub” the iguana, the many lizards, the bird people (especially The Northern Cardinal in the pic above), the crabs, fishes and even a scorpion (well, not quite befriended, I took her on a night hunt……for scorpions).

We kayaked, went out in the panga, snorkeled, built a beach palapa, saw a Humpback from the beach and had, what for me, was the time of my life. A gift from The Great Mystery indeed!
My intrepid and courageous kayaker, my "Sweet Thing"

Yesterday, being the 16th of July, I kayaked out to The WZ, honored the four sacred directions and drifted with the wind. On the way in I intercepted a herd of what I think may have been Pygmy Killer Whales. I only caught the tail end of the herd so no water time but they were not any of the dolphin species I have seen before. I also found that I had been sitting on a Portuguese Man of war under my kayak seat during some of the trip.....lucky, they hurt big time.

Things are real quiet now, pretty much all the Gringos have gone home, the winds have died, the water is warm......and yes it's hot (especially without AC) but I'm used to it now, this being my 4th summer here. The Cantina across the road (opened about 3 months ago) has become somewhat of an issue but it will be great to watch The Olympics and the 49er's right next door.