Friday, April 10, 2009

Well, the Humpback season is hardly over. Went out today with Kirin Riddell (recent graduate from Stanford in Environmental Science) and my dear friend Poppy (whom I have known since she was a baby). Even before we got in the panga we sighted a blow straight out from the beach. We found 2 Humpbacks within a short time and it appeared it was a male courting a female. The male looked familiar….yeah, you guessed it, Odin again!! Like before, his lady was shy and did not give us a flukes up. Then Kirin and Poppy sighted another HB about a mile away so we motored to it. This one gave us a breach and then began heading towards our couple.

Looked amiable for a bit and then the two males began to “combata”. I did get an ID on both the new male and Odin’s girlfriend. While all this was going on, the three of us dove with the couple first and then the threesome later. No really close encounters but once they dove under us at about 40 ft and a number of times we were again within that distance but unable to see them under water.

There was also a shark in the area but Kirin and Poppy dove right in with me regardless. It was an all together great day and now I am really tired from those bursts of swimming when trying to have an encounter. I am up to 37 encounters now and 28 new and good IDs. Two more and it wil be a season record!

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