Friday, May 22, 2015

The Universe continues to boggle the mind. I know that for most folks astronomy/cosmology are not “hot” items in our everyday contemplations (for those of you in that category may I suggest seeing the movie “interstellar”, and for the more serious; “Mind Walk”). Ever since I was a child I was fascinated by the cosmos and enjoyed learning as much about it as my sorry higher math and physics skills would allow me. Nevertheless I plodded on and now feel that I have successfully incorporated an appreciation and basic understanding into my daily existence even if it is a brief moment to stop and gaze at the stars on a star bright night.

A “super nova” is the remnant of a previously exploded massive star that leaves behind a colorful and energetically varied region of space where all kinds of surprising events may occur. Here is one that “boggles” the mind. I include it just because it’s so damn other worldly and beautiful!.

A bit closer to home, and in yet another academic field I may have found a place – anthropology, A recent discovery of an ancient bracelet carved 40,000 years ago has opened new vistas in the human saga. Once again attesting to our extremely ancient origins and our predilection toward aesthetic art. It by far predates even Egypt and Sumeria and the earliest cultures of what is now Turkey (where a great many very ancient sites, ie: Catal Huyuk – 8,000/10,000 BPE) have been unearthed. What fun it would be to trace the human path over this planet (as is now so brilliantly made more accessible by the Genome Progect) as the bits and pieces accumulate.....ah, another lifetime.

I’ve been delighted by the number of chipmunks that have begun to appear here in the last few years. I get daily visitations now and they remind me of my childhood vacations with my mother and brother in Yosemite Natl. Park. Those were days of such happiness that the memory instigated by these little guys is truly precious. I even had one in the trailer the other day going after my bread basket – right while I was eating. Poor guy panicked when I stood up but when I opened the screen door and moved aside he was out like a flash. He literally flew out of the trailer – got a chuckle out of me.

And check out this handsome guy. This is a Desert Iguana, and are found in large numbers here in spring and summer. They are always a treat to watch – they are very fast, beautifully colored and extremely aware in that ancient Reptilian way.

 Not so handsome was a 2 ½ spider in my bathroom the other night right off my right shoulder as I was brushing my teeth. I told him to stay there, got a glass to cover him, slipped a card under him and took him outside. I have no problem with spiders but I didn’t like the idea of this big fellow in my bed later. Though this sounds to some as an uncomfortable and possibly even traumatic experience, check out this article about media violence and children. I mean come on, is this really surprising to anyone?

Contrast a culture that encourages the acceptance of violence on this level as “entertainment” to one such as epitomized by some Native American Peoples. Understanding full well that they too engaged in violence but it is the blatant encouragement and insidious delivery that is disturbing.

Sort of along these same lines is this very interesting concept.

I thought I would add some of my favorite photos from earlier years before I launch into an update of how things are for me at this time.

Mi casa for the past 11 years

Main street of El Cardonal before pavement came in 

 Out 4 miles in my kayak – way quiet

My first hurricane – magnificently nature

New, very special friends 

My other family, The Q’s

 The “dynamic duo”

I am getting older. My recent light brush with mortality has made me far more aware of my time on this earth and how I shall use it. More on this in a bit but first something to get a chuckle. This is worth watching.

Another month has passed since my last post so I guess it’s time to catch up. A lot has changed over this month, not the least of which being some major decisions regarding life changes. Without going into too much detail (and that’s why I leave this for the end since I am sure not all of you are particularly interested) these are the high points.

I am moving back to CA to be closer to family. During my convalescence from my stroke I realized how important they all are to me and I want more time with them. It is also more difficult to live here now than I had imagined it would be for a number of reasons I won’t get in to – they just are. My activities in the sea have been significantly curtailed and I miss that strongly. I do not have a  definite timeline but hope to make the move as soon as I finish up some things here in Cardonal (weeks – possibly 1-2 mths)

I will try to return here each whale season (1-2 mths?) to continue my research and to help develop the programs I would like to see implemented at the school and the Lab (which I am assured will happen).

I have also decided not to have cancer therapy for now and instead will focus on diet, supplements, meditation etc to aid my body’s wish to return to it’s balance.

The consequences of the stroke are noticeable to me but are not evident to the casual observer and for this I am terribly grateful. I owe that to my daughter Kersti’s immediate loving care and advice and the gentle and always strong support, physical and mental/spiritual, of her husband Bill.

I am approaching this major change as yet another adventure in my life saga and look forward to new experiences, challenges, people etc.

I intend to locate somewhere between Oakland and Sacramento. I’ll be looking for a small rental (apartment, spare room, out building, use your imagination) if you know of a place, let me know.