Saturday, April 4, 2009

Feeling better but not enough to go out searching yet. I do want to rephrase the comment at the end of yesterdays blog about The Orcas. I used the phrase, "toughest kid on the block". Besides antiquating myself it is also unfair in terms of their role in the biology and environment of The Oceans. Yes, there is little doubt that The Orca is the most powerful and feared hunter in the Seas. Even The Great White Shark will give them their space. It is however an injustice to their species to imply that their "toughness" is in any way malicious or of the bullying type. They have evolved as the most efficient and intelligent hunter of the Marine Biome and I have nothing but admiration and respect for their magnificence and the crucial role they play in the Oceans.

Like the sharks, they are to a great extent, responsible for maintaining the balance between predator/prey dynamics in The Oceans. Like our own terrestrial ally The Wolf; we depend upon their hunting efficiency to cull the genome of a vast number of other species. And as unfortunately we have done with The Wolf, we are decimating their numbers so that they are no longer able to effectively carry out this most important biospheric function. Whether Wolves, Orcas, Sharks or a host of other predators, we have not lived up to our touted intelligence in the way we have treated them!

I only hope that one day I will be in their presence (The Orcas) and have the opportunity to enter their world and for just a moment; swim with these most sentient of creatures.

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