Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Feeling much better now and got out to sea this morning. Very calm but a south wind coming and I probably won't go out again until Friday.

While eating breakfast I saw 4 HBs going north right off my reef and after rousting Vicente we found 2 of them about 5 miles along. It was a mother/calf pair so no fluking but got some good flank shots. It was delightful to be out again and nice to run across a mom and calf. No idea where the other 2 went. I'm pretty sure they were males checking to see if the mother would be weaning her calf and possibly ready to mate.

By the way, my website has been updated with the 2008 season pics and reports.

Great party last night to say goodbye to a number of Ukiah people who have been visiting. We northern Californians sure know how to have a good time!!

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