Sunday, March 16, 2014

So I’m sitting at the airport in San Jose waiting for my son Zack to come in for an extended stay. He’s here to both chill out from his time in the political and environmental arena and to help me recover from the operation. I still have some bad days – nothing like before but uncomfortable. It has made me evaluate carefully what I consider to be my “quality of life”. 

My land partners, who I fondly call "The Q’s" (for Quebecois), arrived last week and are making the most of their time here. They truly love this village and our little paradisical enclave as much as I do. They will be here for a month and I cherish every minute of it.

Jean-Luc amongst the whales
Sam and Tristan (the middle son) after a 9 whale day! 

Many of you may have read the book, “The River Why”, but if you haven’t I highly recommend it. And of course always Durant’s epic series “The Story of Civilization”. I am now on volume VI, “The Reformation” and he just doesn’t give you a break – great for the SERIOUS historian!

Within a couple of days of my return to the village, five of the local men came to see how I was doing and offered any assistance at any time. To Ishmael, Vicente, Alfonzo, Luis Rochin and Rubin – gracias!

February 24th was my first day back out in the panga looking for whales. What a day! Two world class IDs, two mediocre, one poor and some good flank shots.

 Alfonzo and Ishmael - my neighbors and friends

Taking a break for a few days and waiting for the wind to die down I again scored big on the 28th. Another six IDs! All these whales have been adopted now and there is a waiting list already. Check out my “GoFundMe” site ( for how you too can adopt a whale or contribute to my work online.

Accompanying me were my “care givers” from Los Barriles, Christina and Chris – terrific day with real nice folks. I caught Chris in a fine shot. We had commiserated over the 49er loss a while back when I was at their home.

Chris Geyer - a friend indeed!

Here are some of my best shots during the last couple of weeks – I’m up to 26 IDs as of the 16th. Not bad seeing as I missed almost all of February.

Here’s one of my very favorite persons: author, scientist, philosopher and all around brilliant guy – Issac Asimov. It is through his book, "I Robot” that my delight and passion for reading science fiction began.

Due to my overload of science articles in my last post there is only this one this time. The mathematical structure of nature captured in formulas and then turned into art.

My son Zack is here now and developing into an inveterate kayaker and whale spotter. On the 13th he went out twice (which I never do) in one day to see if anyone was passing by. No whales but a nice big Sea Lion. I wasn’t able to join him but I believe I will be able to next week.

A serious spotter! My son Zack.

Ishmael and Zack

Our panga "Mary-Blanca"

I received an e-mail from my friend Dawn Pier in Vinorama (60 miles south) a couple of days ago telling me that she spotted some fisherman putting out gill nets RIGHT IN THE PATH OF A LARGE GROUP OF HUMPBACKS!!! After much e-mailing to various people and agencies – including the Navy - it turned out they had a license for that from the fisherman’s cooperative in La Ribera. Looks like we have some work to do! This is insane!!

I am what I am.
To have faith in the beauty inside me, trust development.
In soft, I have strength.
Silently I walk with the Apus.
In peace I understand myself and the world.
I distance myself in conflicts.
In detachment, I am free.
In respect to all living beings, respect for myself.
The dedication in honor the courage within me.
Eternity have compassion on the nature of all things.
In love I unconditionally accept the evolution of others.
In the freedom I have the power.
In my individuality, I express the force of nature within me.

Really! An untouched photo of last weeks sunrise.

Getting my "mojo" back
Thank you Kersti and Bill for rootin' for the Old Man and Zack!

My daughter Kersti and her husband Bill - "living fully"!