Monday, May 19, 2014

Hola – still there??

Well this is the longest break I have taken from writing this blog yet. No one particular reason just real busy mentally as well as physically so my creative juices are minimal.

Let me first catch you up on the 2014 whale season and the progress on the marine lab project. Due to my “infirmities” for two months at the prime time of the season I was not able to obtain as many IDs as I could have. Nevertheless, I am happy to announce that I DID get 52 IDs (not all world class) and that is a good season regardless. There were more humpbacks in our waters than anyone could remember since 2005 so the population is doing well. Lots and lots of mother/calf pairs with everyone looking good and healthy.

A "World Class" ID

Regarding the marine lab - The Mexican department of secondary education (SEP) is sitting on the design for the lab and seems to be, along with other Mexican agencies, leaning towards funding the lab themselves rather than requiring me to come up with the money. For those of you who have contributed to that effort, a special plaque will be placed in the lobby recognizing your early gift. For those of you interested in helping, let’s wait and see what the final situation will be before any further donations. I am being constantly reassured by the officials here that it is a “done deal” but as all things in Mexico – poco a poco.

I would like to share some art before getting into some of the more memorable events of the past month and a half.

Grabbed from online

My dear friend Nantzy Hensley sent me this. There is something about it that I find very appealing. Not to imply any aggression, just awareness.

This was painted by my good friend Gary who comes here with his wife Mary Ellen every year to enjoy our little bit of paradise here in El Cardonal. This is painted on the outside wall of their outdoor kitchen.

These are “rock paintings” done by my son Zack who is on an extended visit here and has taken up this hobby of mine. Since he can’t take them back to The States they will adorn Shangri-La from now on – how lucky is that for me?



The following are two photographs of similar subjects and moods, but with such different flavors - and I just wanted to share them, they make me feel good!

"Katerina Plotnikova is a young moscow-based fine art photographer who brings animals and humans together in her spiritual and magical photography. her fairy-tale-inspired works recreate the long-lost or long-forgotten bond between animals and humans."

So.......much of this past two months has involved my introducing Zack to the full extent of my world here in Baja Sur. He has accompanied me on all my photo expeditions (thereby having a number of unique experiences). He has tracked whales, dolphins, sea lions, turtles and Mobulas (rays) in a kayak, learned archery, snorkeled on our reef as well as at Cabo Pulmo, Punta Pescadero and Isla Cerralvo, swum with whales, dolphins and sea lions, taken hikes to magical places (El Chorro Hot Springs), shot hoops at the local school and conducted exercise regimes on the beach and has discovered the joy of photography. He has also encouraged me to eat vegetables so that every day now we have one big salad along with homemade chicken soup – yep, from scratch.

One day he kayaked with three humpbacks from El Cardonal all the way to San Isidro, leaving me well behind. And just the other day he kayaked with a herd of dolphin from El Cardonal to Los Tinas – the guy is a real “hot rod”. I am of course very proud of all these accomplishments and I know he will carry them with him all his life. If you happen to come across him one day let him tell some stories, his passion is as great as mine!

Here are some shots of our adventures together – there are of course many more.

El Chorro hot springs

Archery bringing out some of the Mongolian blood that Estonians carry

Free diving with Sea Lions, Isla Cerralvo

Shortly after a face to face encounter with "Jabba the Hut"

There is also lots of video footage but too hard to post.

Yes, a little science now:

Years ago I began reading the works of Richard Feynman, a professor of physics at Cal Tech and a very articulate and immensely intelligent “new age” scientist. I don’t mean in the sense of the social fad but in the truest sense of being a leading voice in the “new” perspectives of reality engendered by the opening of the mind during the 60’s. he is gone now but there are others following in his tracks. Nevertheless, I miss him. Here is an article written by him that is so enlightening. And a thanks to Alan Pomeroy for sending it on to me. As Alan said, “he had the curiousity of a child and the brain of a genius”.

There is a Chinese corporation trying to push a Mega development on the border of the Cabo Pulmo National Park south of me. Zack and I were just diving there two weeks ago. While there we attended a meeting of local people (I was invited due to my whale work in the region) who are trying to fight this development. The size of it is truly huge and would without doubt effect the whale migration that passes right through the area. If you see anything about the proposed “Cabo Dorado” development in baja please pay attention.

Apropos to this concern is a poem and painting by my friend Bruce Mcclosky. 

Long Watch

Aeons I've swum
through sea and sky
And hold the knowing
for all time
Ah once again
to breach and roll
And turn my belly
to the stars

And this: An asteroid with Rings!!! Welcome to “Chariklo”.

At lunch today, Zack and I discussed these words of Erasmus – one of my favorite philosophers.

 “there is no peace, even unjust, which is not preferable to the most just wars”

Try it out with a well read and intelligent friend.

On a different note entirely – The Baja 1000 ran through El Cardonal on the 14th. Hah, talk about blowing the tranquility of my community!

And lastly, a new friend: Kelley Lemon from N. Cal. Visiting my son Zack – a most delightful young woman.