Thursday, June 23, 2011

We have had more Orcas in the area then in previous years. At least this has been MY experience and I have heard it said by others also. This does not necessarily portend anything but if my observations are correct then indeed something is going on. I do recall however that last year people were telling me of all the Orcas they had seen and I had seen none.

My first experience since the fantastic Orca Swim I made some months ago was on June 5th. I was doing my morning workout on the beach when I sighted what I thought at first were a small group of young HBs, Pilot Whales or large Dolphins. As I continued to watch them I realized that they were in fact Orcas. I knew I couldn’t get to my gear and back out in time to intercept them in my kayak but I was close enough to my neighbor Leslie Cook’s house to hail her. I did and she responded by getting her SUP board launched and off she went on their trail. They were too far away for Leslie to catch them but I sure have to admire her “gumption” in going out after Orcas at all. “Good on ya”, Leslie.

There was a huge solar flare on the 7th of June, very impressive. I don’t think there were any particularly dramatic affects here on Earth though.

Not my pic

My very special friend Terry Kerr from N. Carolina came to visit me on the 8th, and I will just say that my world has been brightened, expanded and made more beautiful.

Terry Kerr

On the 12th, Terry, Alan, Marilyn and I went out for a day of searching (always looking for whales), diving and fishing. We had an unexpected and terrific encounter with……yes, Orcas again!!! There were between 4-6 of them, no big males that I could see, all females and a couple of pretty young ones no more than 10’ long. They played around the panga and at one point, one of them surfaced for a blow, a look and a dive no more than 5’ away from where Terry sat at the bow of the boat. The look of ecstatic joy on her face was too good to do anything but enjoy, so no picture. Here are some shots that will give you an idea. These were taken by Alan Pomeroy except for the first one, that's mine.

Later we went to the restaurant, “1535” (the date of Hernan de Cortez first landing on the Baja peninsula) on the beach at Bahia Los Muertos for a great lunch; all in all, a wonderful day.

Pelicans at the Bahia Los Muertos boat ramp, Terry's pic

I haven’t been out at Sea much lately, wind has been up again, but plan to make a tank dive with Alan on Saturday. I did get out to greet The Summer Solstice Sunrise in my kayak on the 21st and that was nice. I had intended to do my BreathWave and Meditation out there but The Sea was a bit too restless, so I paddled in and did my beach workout and laps.

It’s starting to heat up down here so I have been out at night hunting scorpions. If I get them now there will be less when it turns wet. I am borrowing a UV flashlight from Alan that LITERALLY makes the scorpions shine like bright yellow neon, easy to see from a long way off.

My good friend “Bub”, my Spiny Tailed Iguana friend checking out the action.


That’s about it for this go around. Hope you are all well and that life is good!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I had a nice kayak experience in early May when I went out and encountered good numbers of both Pacific Common Dolphins and Mobulas. I did swim with The Mobulas but The Dolphins were moving far to fast for me too catch up to and go in. As I was returning I heard a snort and figured it was one of my Sea Lion friends and there he was, about 50’ away and cruising the other way. I called out to him, he turned his head to me and I called again, saying, “yeah you, come on over”. Well he looked curious so I said a few more things and damned if he didn’t come right up close, dove under the kayak and then scooted off.

This is not the Sea Lion I am writing about but one I photographed about 5 years ago, same situation though.

The other day I was working in my yard and stopped for a moment to prune one of the Acacia bushes. As I looked closer I saw that the stems and leaves were covered with insects of all kinds just busier than could be. I saw 3 or 4 different species of wasp, 2 species of ant, 2 species of beetle and about 4 species of fly. I mean it was crowded! I have very little training in Entomology but I am a biologist (sometimes) so I tried to get some photos. My camera is not made for this kind of shooting so I didn’t get too many good shots but here are a couple. I went to a N. American guide to insects but could not definitively identify anything…..frustrating! Interesting nevertheless.

2 different wasps I believe

The other day I also was inspired by an early wakening to go out to The WZ before the Sun came up. It was a beautiful morning and I got out there just before Grandfather rose. I practiced my BreathWave and then meditated, as always, way cool. No encounters except with Grandfather Sun. Coming in I saw my good friend Alex Cook launching his SUP (stand up paddle board) so asked him if he would like some company. He said yes so we paddled to the south end of our little inlet and back talking about everything from “nuts to bolts”. Great time.

The other night some friends took me to dinner at Antonio’s in Los Algodones. While there I asked Antonio if he had seen any whales recently. I was surprised to hear that during the last 2 days fishing he had seen 5 Humpbacks. I mentioned how my funds were finished for this season but I’d sure like to go out one more time if there was a chance for an ID and/or swim. He said not to worry, he would take me out just for the cost of the gas. Now that’s kindness! We are going out next week to see if just maybe there is a straggler about.

El Cardonal’s annual fishing tournament is this weekend. There will probably be around 40-50 boats competing. Then a big fish feed in the village with all monies going to the school. I went out once with Alan and Jorge and we did all right, in fact Jorge won a fishing pole and reel for his Dorado.

Start of the Tournament from my roof

Local kids hanging out after the tournament

Here’s a recent picture of my daughter Kersti that could become my favorite

Ain’t she somethin'!

I went out on the 27th hoping for an encounter with some critter and lucked out. About 1½ miles out I saw a Blue Whale! Late in the season going North (?), too far away for me to try and intercept but just being within a couple of hundred yards of one is exciting. I love Blue Whale energy.

Not the Blue I'm talking about but one of the 2 Blues ID'd by me this season

My Sweet Thing from N. Carolina, Terry Kerr, sent me this picture of a snake that confronted her on her driveway. Not a viper but quite a snake, no? Bit the hand of her neighbor boy Ryan, who came to the rescue….a real Southern Gentleman.

"Mr. Black"

I was saddened over The Memorial Day weekend to see all the hoopla about heroic soldiers and not a mention that in EVERY war EVER, civilian casualties outnumber military by at least 2 to 1 and more often 7 to 1. These people did not “volunteer” to take a bullet for their country. These are men, women and CHILDREN who are simply “collateral damage”. INSANE!! I would like to see THEM memorialized!

June first I went out with my friend Antonio to look for Humpbacks. It was of course very late in the season and I was out of funds but Antonio offered to take me out for just gas money. Now that’s generosity. He appreciates my work and gets a kick out of watching me swim with critters. We went out and after not seeing anything for 3½ hrs I decided to make one more sweep in front of El Cardonal. Just about when we were ready to come in we get a call on the radio from one of Antonio’s buddies down at Los Barriles who just saw 2 HBs go south by his boat. Well, Antonio turned right around and we hustled back the 15 miles we had just come and found them. I got two reasonable but not world class IDs and then as a celebration of Sweet Thing’s Birthday I dove in with them. No close encounter but always damn fine to be in the water with The Whale People. It looked like they were probably two young males on their first solo to the Arctic without their moms.

Flank shot of HB# 46 11 & 47 11

I’ll end by wishing my son Zack, HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, finest young man I know! June 2nd, 2011

My little "Golden Boy"

My son, the man