Monday, November 2, 2015

The Great Mother

Once again human occupation and level of culture has been pushed back in time. Here are some findings in Kazakhstan recently that require reevaluation of just how sophisticated our “prehistory” is.


“The idea that foragers could amass the numbers of people necessary to undertake large-scale projects – like creating the Kazakhstan geoglyphs – has caused archaeologists to deeply rethink the nature and timing of sophisticated large-scale human organization as one that predates settled and civilized societies,” Dr. Clarkson said, according to The New York Times.

It is also becoming quite clear that the western way of conceiving what drives man and has been perpetuated by the “genius” of men like Freud may be simply a concept created by their own mental meanderings (and phobias) and has done us little good in the long run. It appears that all peoples do not share the avarice for accumulation that we have been convinced is our natural state. Here is an example of a different way of looking at things that works.

Isn’t this a cool moon – earth shot from NASA?

Ever since I can remember I was taught that it would be impossible to “create life”. As a graduate student in Microbiology in the 60’s I noticed that people began to question that premise, for which I was delighted. Was it life if it could reproduce itself and metabolize (secure it’s own food and process it into parts and energy – the two necessary criteria)? Well, it appears we are getting closer. 


Thought I would just throw this pic in now because it’s one of my favorites. I took this about five years ago as I was sitting on the beach in El Cardonal. This is one of our many Ospreys taking home some dinner. That’s the biggest of the catches I’ve seen made here. I may have shown you all this before but I wanted to again.

Osprey - lookin' out for family

OK – now just a bit of serious stuff, there’s plenty to go around, no?
Here’s a recent paleontological find that is both interesting and impressive. This is the ancient shark Megalodon, lived about 16 million years ago. Check out the jaw!

And how about this tooth!

Now the serious part, here’s a man who leads one of the most heavily armed countries in the world and what he has to say about the whole dinosaur era.

One other “serious matter” and then on to cool science stuff. Some years ago (1992?) the brilliant social historian James Burke presented a PBS special called “After the Warming”. It was two hours of hard hitting reality checks regarding what has become recognized as a major concern for our future. One prediction (not exactly brilliant but unanticipated by the masses) was that if one or two of the climate changes introduced by Burke were to actually happen then one outcome would be huge migrations of populations from under developed countries would by necessity bring them into conflict with the borders of the first world countries. This has begun to happen and is resulting in just the consequences suggested by Burke – armed violence on both sides. Here is just one example:

Enough of the craziness, and like I said there is plenty to go around. So check out these cool things because worry gets one nowhere.

Speaking of the marine world here is a great example of what basic intelligence and caring can achieve. This kind of thing will be becoming more important all the time. This is coming from a commercial fisherman – THEY are acutely aware of the difficulties of the future fish harvests.

The picture below was sent to me by my daughter Kersti but I didn’t know where to fit it in (I loved it) until I came across the article referenced below. Interesting stuff!! The human mind and it’s capabilities, complexities and mysteries is still untapped.

Here’s a little article on the plant extract Tumeric. I am using this, along with meditation, herbal supplements (Green Vibrance) etc to deal with my cancer. Feels right.

JUST FOR FUN check out what seemed to appear over Manipur India. 

This however DID appear in a field in England recently. Again: no lights, no noise and in a very short time – minutes!

Is the quote below appropriate? 

Another interesting archeological discovery near Stonehenge. No, not a space port but a human dwelling dated 8300 years ago. Another example of a wider human impact then previously thought.

And all this stuff is going on here on Planet Earth that is found in the Milky Way Galaxy (of 200 billion+ in the known universe) right about in the center of that little circle. All the stars we can see are contained within that circle too.