Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Grandmother Ocean and Mother Earth - exchanging

This post will be somewhat lacking in chronology due to my life taking on a different kind of pace and I’m just not keeping track like I used to.

I am having a meeting at the school this Thursday because there has been movement on the marine lab. I really, really think it’s going to happen – “perseverance furthers”. I am of course thrilled that it may come to be and my whale friends will be forever watched over. AND it appears that one of my adopted grandsons,Tristan, may one day be a part of it, if not the next “El Ballenero”. This gives me an additional and wonderful satisfaction.

Lots of critter action lately, not of the marine mammal kind but very much a part of my life.

The other day I was swimming laps (back up to 20) and was suddenly surrounded by a large school of surf fish (grunts or chubs?) that decided to swim with me for a while. As I continued forward they surrounded me and kept pace while circling me an arm length away. There were perhaps 200 or more, very silvery and with the clarity of the water, the calm of the sea, the perfect temp and the overall state I was in, it was truly a delight.

Not my pic

Not such a delight has been my on going war with the ants. Not all ants (we have many species) but these small black ones that bite. It has been a constant battle but at the moment I am winning – albeit with the help of chemicals. They are very persistent even though I keep the kitchen very clean – and they are psychic!

Time for a visual – check this out, well worth it!

Isn’t that amazing!!

Now here’s a nice pic (not mine) of my second favorite mammal. If I hadn’t got into the whale thing, these are definitely the critters I would have studied.

 The "original" dog

Clinging to the screen door the other day were these breeding male and female stick insects. I’ve never seen that before. They stayed like this all day long and into the night. Now that’s serious perseverance. 

 Amorous Stick Insects

Quick change of pace. This is an actual porcelain bowl being thrown by one man. Wouldn’t our ancient ancestors be impressed.

The “BIG” critter event of the day, week, month, year was just the other day (I’m being redundant aren’t I?) when I saw my neighbor Leslie south of me on the beach and acting kinda strange. She would move up the beach, get on her hands and knees, pick something up, walk to the water, place something there and return to do it again. After watching her do this a number of times I thought it must be turtles – baby turtles! I walked down the beach to join her and, yes, there was a shallow depression where more little heads were emerging. Bad timing for the turtles due to the recent high winds having piled up a berm that would be difficult for them to traverse. It was also windy and hot with the danger of desiccation, not to mention dogs and birds. We were joined by other neighbors, Lisa and Gary, and we did what we could to insure as best a chance for them as we could. It was a very special gift that we received that day. They are the last of the true dinosaurs (literally) and deserve our respect and protection. 

I mentioned wind a moment ago. This November, and now one week into December has been about as windy as I can remember. Very few days that I could even think about kayaking and I have had to take every window of opportunity just to swim my laps.

Not this again!

On the other hand here’s something to enjoy – talk about nostalgia!

The Martian moon Phobos is very slowly “falling” into the gravity well of Mars and will become many small pieces eventually making up a planetary ring system not unlike Saturns but smaller of course. Don’t wait around – it’s a few million years off but once again underscores the essential nature of the Universe – CHANGE.


There's been a lot of talk recently about the question of the validity of The Big Bang Theory. We have plenty of time to debate it seeing as the Universe pays little attention to human time. In the long run it will most likely be The Shamans that are the only ones who really get it. If you have a mind to read the whole article you will not be disappointed.

Me – I’m trying my best to fathom my role in it all but find myself doing this occasionally.

A couple of local pics that “charm” my day: 

These palms were planted by Susanna when we first started developing the lot.

 Susanna and the palms - 2001

Part of the path to my workout center.

Just one socio-political comment this time!

Be good to yourselves and your loved ones – Hell, why not everyone.