Monday, May 24, 2010

It has been a really beautiful month but then when has May not been beautiful? Haven’t been out to Sea much except to do my laps. One has to be a bit careful about now because The Aqua Malas (Portuguese Man O War) are due back. During my beach run this afternoon I saw a number of them at the tide line and my friend Cindy got stung the other day. Their sting is painful!

We are getting some surprisingly strong NW winds right now and for the next few days but it’s all good if you are lucky enough to be here year round like I am now. I can just wait until the next really great day(s).

I am pretty concerned about the oil spill in the Gulf. Interestingly I ran into a fellow on the beach the other day who is a Zoologist for The Louisiana Fishers Dept. He said it was “overstated” and was really not such a big deal. Wouldn’t that be nice if he is right. But then I am always leery of comments made by government officials around something like this. I am often disappointed at the lack of true understanding by those in power of how this planet actually works. Unfortunately this is generally true for the layperson as well. It is not about scientific arrogance, it is about literally being ignorant of the very basics of Biology, Chemistry and Ecology…..frightening really!

Here is the second of my series of Pagan Rock Paintings. I have seen it in a number of places I have traveled and always found it intriguing.

The symbol is known as a Triskel or Triskelion from the Greek, tri = three, skelos = legs. Though thought by some to originate in the 19th century it’s origin actually goes back to Mycenean and possibly Egyptian times, circa 3500 BPE, and perhaps even further. It is found throughout Ireland as a petroglyph in many sacred Pagan localities (ie: Newgrange).

It’s Pagan meaning is still debated by scholars but one interpretation is that it represents Earth, Water and Sky; the three elements considered by many early cultures as providing the spiritual/physical base for all things (this was before Aristotle formalized the concept of Earth, Air, Fire = Energy & Water, circa 2300 BPE). There are many forms of it besides the one here depicted. This was the one that appealed to me most. I chose the colors to represent those three elements.

"Keep on Truckin"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Biggest news of the week down here is that I saw my first Brewer's Blackbird. I saw lots of them in The States of course but this was the first one here. Always a special event to see a new bird species in the yard. Pretty much all the old bird crew is back: Northern Cardinals, Gilla Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers, Hooded Orioles, Scott's Orioles, Cactus Wrens, Grey Thrashers, Common House Finches, Pyrolloxias, Phainopeplas, Verdins, Ash throated Fly Catchers and more. The Osprey family is hunting, the Caracaras scavenging, the Magnificent Frigate Birds cruising…..all very cool!

Went out in my kayak this morning and saw two California Sea Lions and one Bottle Nose Dolphin but that's about it. Though humidity keeps rising, insects still keeping a low profile for which I am grateful.

My good friends Jorge and Cindy arrived the other day and soon we will be going out to the reef to do some survey work, really looking forward to that. The nice thing about an MPA or MMPA (see previous posts) is that all species will be covered so my reef work will be of more value than ever….how delightful! The governor of Baja California Sur will be here in a little over a week and I hope to have a short audience with him re the local environment and it's conservation.

My son Zack did a one on one conference with Marcy Winograd this past weekend as part of her run for congress. Check out her website ( and see my son in action. Obviously I am extremely proud of him and his devotion to this planet and ALL it's species.

In order to try to maintain a 15 min period of every day doing some form of creative work I have started painting Pagan Symbols on rocks. It is not like no one else is doing that; the stores are full of them but I am enjoying the process nonetheless. Each symbol is chosen strictly for it's "invoking power" in me. Here is a photo of my first attempt. It is The Greek "Orphic Egg".

The Orphic Egg
From Bryant's An Analysis of Ancient Mythology

The ancient symbol of the Orphic Mysteries was the serpent-entwined egg, which signified Cosmos as encircled by the fiery Creative Spirit. The egg also represents the soul of the philosopher; the serpent, the Mysteries. At the time of initiation the shell is broken and man emerges from the embryonic state of physical existence wherein he had remained through the fetal period of philosophic regeneration.

I will do others as they strike me. The internet is loaded with information and images so it will be a whole new realm of study for me. As a youth I read Jung's "Man and His Symbols" and was fascinated. How sad that Freud became the father of the psychology movement instead of Jung. How much better off we would be not influenced by Freud's personal guilt ridden reality.

Every day I thank The Great Mystery for giving me this time to converse with my Eternal Soul.

"Nam Myoho Renge Kyo"

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

So, spring is almost behind us here in El Cardonal. The major plant growth won’t actually begin though until we have had a summer storm or two, then its “jungle” time again. Well….not exactly jungle but green beyond belief when looking out at the desert right now. It will get considerably more brown and dry before then of course. Luckily the 4 years at The Univ. of Arizona back in the 60’s acclimated me to a Sonoran Desert environment so it’s all good by me. The most dramatic period is the Hurricane Season in mid August and thru September when the desert gets rattled by the wind and drenched in water…..very invigorating for the creatures here; animal & plant! I have a big decision to make at that time because my 50th high school reunion is on Sept. 9th right in the peak of the Hurricane Season.

me and my bro Peter, 1956

’60 Varsity Football

I would very much like to attend but I would also feel very bad not to share whatever the season brings with my plant and animal friends, particularly our local community. I am beginning to feel a shared reality with the Mexican People here and do not want to “High Tail It” when it gets a bit dicey.

There are very few whales left in the area, at least that I have seen. Alan saw one breaching about three days ago in front of his place and I have heard that there are still good numbers around San Jose and Cabo but my last 3 kayak trips out to The Whale Zone have been unproductive in the sense of seeing whales….the exercise however, and the stillness, are always a treat.

I had a visit from a dear friend and intern of mine from the 2009 season, Elizabeth Plumb. She is now with Sea Web in Oakland and doing the “good work”. It was a delight to see her and though she had only a bit of time to be here we covered lots of intellectual territory (she is very bright) and even got in a kayak trip out to the WZ and a swim back in over the reef before she had to leave.

Elizabeth 2009 Season

I saw my first Desert Iguana yesterday, which is a sure indicator of the approaching summer. There are 2 different species of bird nesting under my palapa and 2 also under the palapa of my adopted family. I identified 7 species of bird foraging in front of me the other day while breakfasting outside. I can’t imagine why I wasn’t turned on to birds before now; they are so cool!

Northern Cardinal

The insect people haven’t started up yet but I am sure as soon as we get some rain they will be out in good numbers. Will the Dragon Flies migrate by again, will the Millipedes return? These are important questions in my life now. Of course I am interested to see if the use of “Bounce” will actually keep away the Scorpions this year. So far since putting it in various locations in my trailer I have not seen a scorpion but they too are a critter waiting for the rains.

The winds are still undecided as to which, North or South, will dominate. In the last week we have had two good blows from The North so it hasn’t given up yet. I actually wore a long sleeved shirt the other night and sweat pants!!

Just in case any of you make it down here let me give you something to think about that you might enjoy discussing with me. I have come to the conclusion, not without a good amount of contemplation, meditation, altered states, shamanic mentoring, reading (including a good deal of Science Fiction) and studying (as well as simply living life) that THIS is impossible.

Giving it some thought, Red Pyramid, Egypt 2000

THIS being literally all that we believe makes up our reality from A to Z.

A home like ours

Check out the size of OUR sun

Whether on the Quantum Level or The Ethereal level I am, AT PRESENT, convinced that it is impossible to have THIS without some defining first cause. And I will not accept the simple answer, “It just is” or “It is here because we believe it to be here” or least of all that it is a Judeo-Christian "God’s Will” or any of those other (and I respect their origins) sometimes wise but totally unsatisfying refrains. No, there is something much, much more to this, eh? Arrogant as it might seem, I am still asking the question I asked as a very young boy looking at the sky on a summer’s day and wondering how far it went before there was an end. Where is the “edge” of reality? Ah, it is a circle they say, there is no beginning or end in a circle, the universe folds on itself, it is a mobious strip they say. Nevertheless a circle has a circumference does it not? A circumference is a border between what is inside and what is outside the circle. I would like to know what is “outside” the circle? “Infinity” you say! That’s a cop out. I know for many people, and perhaps you are one, this is basic but for me it is still the unanswered question. I do not fret about it, it does not occupy my time and I am not afraid of an answer. I just want something palatable for me. Now here is the REALLY COOL PART. I love every bit of THIS; well, not War and INJUSTICE, but you know, birds, blue skies (or stormy), millipedes, soft breezes, my dear whales and human friends etc.

My good buddy Alan

A new friend from 2 years ago...pointing to The Sea

It does not make me a bit unhappy that I do not yet understand “THE GREAT MYSTERY”. The trick I think is to KEEP ON DANCING and KEEP ON SINGING.

“Women’s Circle Dance” Crow Fair, Montana

"Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" (Homage to The Mystic Law of The Lotus Sutra)
Tendai Buddhist Chant circa 750 BP