Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The season continues to be productive. 41 encounters now and 28 good IDs. Going for a record of 30. Yesterday I went out with Susan and Phil and I spotted a dorsal fin just going under about 1/4 mile away. Wasn't sure it was a HB but figured we should remain for awhile in that position. Well, my eyes did not deceive me and we were soon behind a mother and calf heading south on their way to the Arctic (have to go south first here in the Sea of Cortez to get around the Cape). No fluke shot, the calf was too young for the mother to make a deep dive.

I obtained my flank shots and we started north towards Boca Del Alamo (a shark fisherman's village about 5 miles up the coast). We stopped there about a mile out and Susan spotted what she thought was a HB. excellent spotting. It was another mother and calf so the drill was the same as above. Those were encounters #38-#41 (each whale actually photographed is an encounter regardless of fluke or flank).

Rested in the afternoon and then Susan and Phil came over for dinner. Lot's of food and really enjoyable conversation. Weather kicking up a bit now, though it should be OK in the morning. May or may not go out.

Hope you are all enjoying a classic springtime wherever you might be!

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