Friday, January 1, 2010

Sunrise of The New Year
So here we are at 2010. Only a number really and based on the birth of one man in one culture….interesting to say the least. Nevertheless, it is a way of marking time and this past “year” has been quite something. Suffice it to say that for me it has been both delightful (in the grandest sense of that word) and crushing (grandly there too). Not at all unlike it has probably been for a majority of The Planets People.

I attended a party last night at my neighbor Carla’s here in El Cardonal just as The Moon was coming up from The Sea of Cortez (sorry, no camera). A beautiful sight and a reminder of the ancient relationship between this wonderful planet and it’s accompanying partner The Moon.

For the past 5 years I would be waking up in Ensenada, Mexico this morning after an always eventful evening at Hussongs Bar. I liked to stop in Ensenada on my drive down here because I like the town and I love the New Years revelry at Hussongs. By the way, for those who drive down here, do avoid the crossing at Tijuana and make your crossing at Tecate….literally a world of difference in every sense.

So, a couple of pictures to share. I took these this morning.

It was a full moon last night and this morning it was still going down so I turned to The Northwest and got a shot of that too.

Traditionally I have put up a new Earth Flag and Flag of Mexico each year when I got here. Since I have been here all year I waited until this morning to put them up because I would usually get here by the 4th and I love tradition.

I would like to say something really profound but all that really comes to mind is simply, may you be blessed by whatever Gods/Goddesses you believe in. May they be kind to you and give you inspiration.

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