Monday, January 18, 2010

Went out today for my 3rd attempt to find and ID some Humpbacks. Unfortunately the first really good day to go out, being today, there were no HBs in my area. Yesterday one of my pescaderos saw 4-6 in full action (breeching etc) just 2 miles up the coast, and of course everyone has been seeing them everywhere. Ah, you denote a trace of frustration or perhaps even anger but no, it is what it is and after all, I was once again on The Sea with my amigo Vicente, the skies were clear, no wind, I am healthy and living in Shangri-La. It would be shameful if I were to be anything but thankful for my good fortune.

We did come across two Bryde’s Whales early in the morning but they are very elusive and difficult to ID so we gave up on them. They are one of The Great Baleen Whales and sometimes reach the size of a Humpback. I have dove with them before but I have never successfully seen them underwater (my new criteria for a “close encounter”). Note the almost exaggerated scimitar like dorsal fin.

Soon after that we came across this masked Booby sitting on a shark buoy. I have come to love these Sea Birds. They are SO FREE!

One of the very evident things out there today was the literally millions of these zooplankton (sorry, too lazy to identify) that have been showing up all around the East Cape. Vicente declared them “loco” which I have come to realize means out of the ordinary (is that not perfect?). This picture of course does not do them justice but use your imagination.

Finally on our way in we came across a good-sized herd of dolphin that was feeding in a school of sardine. I asked Vicente to take me through them and I know I will never tire of watching dolphin ride a boats bow wave, never.

So there you see. An unproductive day research wise but for my soul....ambrosia.

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  1. Urmas,
    Saw this discussion on the BPE yesterday. Are these what you saw with Vincente?