Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not much to report but I did want to show this photo taken by my friends at the “Big House” about 2 weeks ago.

It is a Mobula. It is in the same taxonomic Family as the Giant Manta but a different Genus and considerably smaller. These do not get much larger than 6-7 feet across while The Giant Manta may get as large as 20 feet across. They are both utterly harmless and a treat to watch. Both are found in these waters but I have never seen a Giant Manta except at a great distance. I have seen literally thousands of Mobula and dove with them a number of times. One time I actually had an underwater camera with me and the following shots were taken that day.

Alan (my good buddy who dove with me that day) and I estimated that their numbers that day must have been in the hundreds of thousands, truly an amazing experience to be “with” them underwater. I joke about having had the feeling I was part of the great “Mobula Mind”.

I saw another Humpback this morning from the bodega roof and after some serious procrastination (feeling lazy) actually got out to the whale zone but far too late to intercept. I did however draw in a Masked Booby that did a REALLY close fly over my head. Could not have been more than 6 feet, way cool! Then just a bit later either a Brown Booby or a 1 year old Short Tailed Albatross flew over my head (maybe 10 feet). I’ve never seen either of those birds before so it was special. I came in shortly after.

Sunday is my benefit sail out of Cabo, looking forward to an adventure!

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