Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The past two days have been very good; appropriate for the celebration of The Winter Solstice. Yesterday morning I did a little Medicine Wheel talk and with Alan & Charlie’s help set The Solstice Stone. Lisa & her son Daniel had come over the day before to help me line out The Medicine Wheel. I started “Grandpa Fire” and after setting the stone gave my Medicine Wheel talk. Attending were Alan, Charlie, Lisa, Daniel, Carol & Katy. About half way through the talk 2-3 whales started breaching off our beach so we went up to the roof to observe….very cool.

After finishing the talk I went down to the beach for laps & run and then read the rest of the afternoon. I was then invited to a delicious dinner at Charlie’s clan and retired as usual at “Baja Midnight” (9:00 pm).

This morning I got up and with almost no thought at all, ate breakfast, got my kayak gear and headed for the beach before the sun rose. I went out to the Whale Zone and hung out but no action. The wind came up a bit and I was cold so decided to go in. About ½ way in I hear a blow behind me and see a HB roll right next to a fishing panga nearby.

I hustle over and it is Vicente with the folks from the big house.

They agree to tie me off and we’ll follow the Whale so I can have a close encounter. This takes place about ¾ mile further South where we pick it up again, I am let loose and then I have the wonderful experience of “hanging out” during a close encounter.

I was with it for three blow series and then I tired. My closest approach was about 15-20 feet. It was a young Whale maybe 25-30 feet long. Paddling back against the wind and a bit tired I was nonetheless in an ecstatic state and it was all too good!

My friends on the panga even got a good fluke shot. This will be HB# 2 10 (2010 season)

After coming in I went straight to my friends hot tub and soaked while enjoying the company of the “kids”. It is now 11:00 am and I am anticipating a quiet afternoon of reading….I am thoroughly enjoying my Shangri-La.

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