Thursday, January 21, 2010

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I had a premonition this morning that there were whales about so I followed my intuition, got my kayak gear together and was in the Sea before the sun rose. Premonitions are tricky things; one is never sure whether they are worth acting upon. However, if you don’t then you truly might miss something. I have a tendency to follow up on premonitions and can say honestly that at most maybe 10%-20% have been valuable or rewarding. I believe that is a pretty good return on any investment regardless of whether monetary, spiritual or otherwise.

Well, no whales this morning but some interesting things “otherwise”. First off I kayaked into a good sized group of Mobulas and was treated to their aerial antics and the sight of hundreds underneath my kayak. The Sea was very flat so I was able to lay back, close my eyes and let the rising sun envelop me. After a bit I realized that the water was once again full (and I mean full) of these ½ to 1 inch larvae of something; the jellies I spoke of the other day. I don’t think they are jellies at all but they are zooplankton that I think are in fact the larvae of some more sophisticated marine creature. When I stuck my hand in the water literally dozens of the collected in my palm…..and they pulsated! I am once again amazed at my good fortune at having been a biology student all these years because down here I am in one of The Worlds great laboratories. I still don’t know what they are but it is entirely possible that I may find the answer on The Net, we’ll see.

I came in just as the wind started up and felt satisfied that my premonition had born fruit.

These are my kids. An investment with an invaluable return.

My first born, Kersti and my son Zack, born 2 ½ years later, and now my two dearest friends.

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