Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This past weekend was the benefit sail for my Whale Work. It took place on board The Tall Ship Talofa out of Cabo San Lucas. The Talofa is a brigantine schooner owned and operated by Cactus & Betsy Bryan who have generously conducted a sail each year to help me out with funding. I am now in a position this season to go out in search of my Humpback population at least 18 times, and that is good. We are due for a bit of a blow for the next few days and then maybe I will begin looking. While I have been gone my neighbors have reported seeing a number of Humpbacks in the area. We ourselves saw about 5-6 on the sail Sunday. It was altogether a delightful group of people, the weather was beautiful and there were some didgeridoos on board to serenade the Humpbacks (being as they are great appreciators of music). I was interviewed for articles in two newspapers and one TV spot. I will be interested to see if, and how, my message got across and of course how I appear on TV.

I will post the articles and let you know where you can pick up the feed on the video. I had two wonderful surprises on the sail also. The daughter of one of my dearest friends (Rick Buckholts from the “old days”) Lena Buckholts, showed up after having not seen her but once in the past 20 years. What a treat. She and my daughter Kersti were playmates during those heady days of the 70’s in Northern California. Another delightful surprise was to see Michelle Castro ( favorite friend) on board and carrying a new soul in her body. What a day!

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