Thursday, September 3, 2009

I went out to the bluff to get these shots on Tuesday as a period of sustained wind and rain passed through. This first picture was taken yesterday when it was clear that the hurricane had passed. The power was out in the village but one could sense that the storm had spent itself. There is a 5000 foot mountain range between us and The Pacific side so when a hurricane slams into the peninsula it often looses some steam against these sentinels.
Jimena was threatening but crossed over the peninsula about 200 miles north of here so had little affect on us. Where it did cross (around Loreto) they were lucky too because the hurricane had lost a great deal of it's fury by then (winds down to 50-60 mph).
We had short periods of 10-15 min of heavy rain and strong winds but as I drove through the village yesterday there appeared to be very little damage. My trailer with me in it were secure and confident, for after all, it is an Airstream. Believe me when I say however that this was only a foretaste of really getting slammed so I am well prepared.
Today is calm, sultry and we are all thankful to Thor for being light on us this time.
I also wish to correct a mistake in a previous post. I did not see a group of American White Penguins fly by. We don't have penguins in this part of the planet, they were American White Pelicans. When I saw that statement just now while perusing my posts I cracked up. The image of a group of flying penguins going by was just too funny. What in the world made me write penguins I have no idea....or do I?

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