Friday, September 18, 2009

I was doing some early yard work this morning and came across this little critter. It was 5-6" long and obviously caught my attention with it's brilliant green skin. I checked into my reptiles field guide but no such critter....however, with further investigation I found that this was a very young Spiny Tailed Iguana. I've never seen one before, beautiful no? I should mention that the colors in this photo do not do it justice. The actual color was a vivid almost florescent green.
The desert continues to "green up".....truly extraordinaire! As one would expect there are also more insects. They have a small, very obnoxious fly down here (way smaller than a fruit fly) they call a BoBo. They have a predilection for your mouth, ears, nose and eyes. Yesterday I inadvertently ate two of them just breathing. Fortunately they don't sting, bite or cause indigestion.
Not much sea action lately due to a bit of afternoon winds and the turbidity created by them.

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