Saturday, September 26, 2009

So this is a Baja scorpion (not my pic). My interactions with them usually end up with my obliterating them whether they have stung me or not. The reason I have chosen to put this picture in today is because upon getting up this morning and preparing to put on my shorts one fell out of them. Later when I went into town and needed to put on my shirt (one does not go bare chested into town....not courteous) damned if another scorpion didn't fall out of my shirt. No stings but this is now 4 times that I have avoided being stung by shaking out my clothes. I have been stung twice this year in bed at night but I do not seem to be hypersensitive so I'm far!
The other pics are mine of a neighbor who lives in my palapa. I believe it is a Baja California Brush Lizard but once again I am not certain.
Sea was very clear today so swimming laps was particularly pleasant. I swam by another of those beautiful jellies and stopped to get a really good look, very interesting. Also saw a Great Blue Heron at the end of the beach but I had forgotten my camera. Life is good.

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  1. 4 times. This is a troubling pattern. How do you think they're getting in? Or worse yet, the thought that there could be some reproductive success going on inside the trailer?