Friday, September 4, 2009

Went out this morning for my first kayak trip since before the hurricane. The water was not clear enough to dive over the reef but I did have a nice time in the “Whale Zone”. Just the tranquility that’s all, no major encounters but a fairly close surface approach by a Mobula. On the way in a small group of Pacific Common Dolphins swam by but they didn’t seem to be interested in an encounter so I didn’t join them. Came in over the reef as I usually do but again the water just wasn’t clear enough to warrant a dive. Otherwise it is a gorgeous day. Clear, relatively cool, soft breeze, well what can one say, eh?

There are fewer birds now then 2-3 months ago….ah, springtime! As a matter of fact far fewer when I really think about it. This is the time of insects, arachnids and reptiles. All interesting in their own right but also less “embraceable” (literally and figuratively) than many of the other critters. For example when I started to put on one of my dive booties this morning a big 2 ½” spider fell out, one of those tough looking hairy ones (not a tarantula). I have to admit though once again that I am so thankful to those really excellent professors I had at San Jose State as a Zoology undergraduate. They instilled in me their fascination for their special “critters” and that has stood me in good stead ever since.

I have been watching some serious mating or feeding activity of a large number of Woodland Millipedes that happen to be carrying out their business right in front of my lounge. There must be hundreds of them within 30 feet of my palapa. They are black, thick, slow but occasionally very active (when 2 of them cross paths it seems that they either fight or are mating and I do not know enough about Entomology to recognize the difference).

Along with these critters is also an influx of large numbers of black beetles that I have seen before but not at all in these numbers. They mingle with the centipedes but only in a cursory fashion and I cannot detect any specific relationship between them. I hope they stay around for a while because they are both interesting to watch and I am learning more every day. Ain't nature grand!!

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