Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just wanted to share some pictures of my friends. First is a Spiny Tailed Iguana, then a Hooded Oriole, blossoms on a Pitaya Cactus and a Jewel Moray (not my pic) that I mentioned a few posts back.

Big hurricane coming Tuesday. Right now it's heading directly our way and is a category 4 and supposed to be a 5 by the time it hits Cabo. We should get some action from it here also, especially if it turns east and heads up the Sea of Cortez...then it's going to be a ride. It may yet head out further into The Pacific and not effect us much at all....I'm sure there are a lot of folks hoping for that!

As I sit writing this now it is 4:00 pm Monday and I can feel the edge of the hurricane. Nothing tangible, oh heavy, dark cloud buildup, but no great wind or rain yet. I will try to get some pictures but again my lens is not meant for wide scenic shots.

The trailer is "ship shape" and I have my stores in, so........ta da.

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