Monday, September 7, 2009

Yesterday was yet again a most beautiful day. If this is what September is like down here (with the occasional hurricane) it is beyond delightful. The water is getting clearer everyday, the temperature of both water and air has dropped a bit (mid 90’s) and the skies are crystalline. On top of that the desert is beginning to turn GREEN and I mean green. There are plants in my yard that I thought for sure were long gone only to find that they too retain the spark of life….it is just their way. I drove to Los Barriles today and the desert was breath taking! Greens you wouldn’t believe. Once again I am reminded of my 4 years at The Univ. of Arizona in Tucson and how much and why I came to love the desert so.

I spent the whole day at the beach yesterday swimming laps (ear is OK again), running, reading, swimming and then these critters came along and a whole new activity began.
The first one is a Semipalmated Plover (referred to sometimes down here as The Collared Plover), then as I walked down the beach I heard the Osprey’s cry and looked to my left and there he/she was. Further on down the beach I ran into the threesome you see. In front is a Plover, to the left a Sandpiper (yet to be identified as to species) and a Whimbrel. Great fun for me because they are not only critters to hang with but these are all new ones to me.

I couldn’t resist putting in the picture of The Whimbrel and The Plover flying off together….so beautiful! The last pick is of two Sandpipers but I am not sure of the species still. I tried to figure which ones they are but even with two field guides to help I just couldn’t decide whether they were Common Sandpipers or The Solitary Sandpiper. Any Ornithologist (or amateur) out there that wants to help please contact me. I am always happy to be corrected.

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