Friday, July 3, 2009

Portuguese Man 'o' War (Agua Mala)
* not my photo

A word to the wise. If there are Man "o" War Jelly's around don't get cocky! Went out to do my laps this afternoon around 3:00, checked the beach and the water for them (none I could see but this is their time of year) and proceeded to swim. All fine right up to the last 40' of my return and wham I swim right into one (2" is moderate for The Sea of Cortez); and a big one. It's tentacles wrapped around my neck and as I plunged out of the water they moved to my throat, back and side....then legs. I have to tell you I was hurting! I had a tube of cortaid creme and some benadryl in my bag on the beach and quickly applied it and drank down the bennies.

I had welts all over and I was in some serious pain but I knew I had caught it early enough to prevent real trouble and I have been stung before so I knew I was not allergic....nevertheless. I am so very glad I took the time a few weeks ago to have those items on hand both on the beach and when I kayak. I suggest you keep this in mind.

Outside of that little episode I have been feeling great and am thoroughly enjoying the tropical heat here.

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