Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What can I say about being back home here in Shangri-La? I love the birds, the mountains, the sea, my trailer....well, you know.

Had my palapa roof covered with Hurricane netting yesterday and have arranged for a safe haven for my kayaks so that I don't have to remove them from the beach when one comes. I like being prepared.

This morning I went out to the "Whale Zone" to see what might be going on there (not expecting any whales of course). A fair number of Man of War jelly's (one about every 50' or so) but easily avoided so I was prepared to go in if anybody showed up. Didn't take long before I spotted a herd of maybe 20 Bottle Nose dolphins feeding nearby. I was able to get into the middle of them and then dove out. Water was pretty clear and after making lots of sounds myself and diving around enthusiastically they started coming in to take a look at what this creature was. About 6 of them came in close to take a look and then a mother with this tiny baby came over real close and took a long look. At that point they all dove deep and I with them.....glorious! No pics of course, sorry.

The picture above is of a French Canadian (Quebecois) family who have not only become my dear friends but are now my land partners. From back left, Antoine, Brigitte, Jean-Luc; from front left, Quentin and Tristan.

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