Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just a personal note regarding the statement in the previous post about photos. Many people have asked me why I don't have an underwater camera to record these wonderful swims I'm having with "The Critters". There are two answers to that: one is that I quite frankly don't have the money to purchase a camera right now and secondly (and more importantly) when I interject the camera between myself and the "action" then I don't get the benefit of the immediacy and intimacy of the "action". I have heard the same thing said much more eloquently by others and it is quite true. You cannot record and BE at the same time. I realize it is a bit selfish of me but for now I'm OK with that. Know that I carry all of your love and concern for them as I interact with them.

Vicente spotted a Humpback the other day....going North. It may have been the one I wasn't able to identify (too far away). There are still whales in the area, if I had my own boat I would certainly be out there searching. Going out to the Whale Zone again soon, maybe tomorrow....who knows, eh?

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