Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is just a token whale shot because I have nothing new of interest photograph wise. This is a Blue Whale 'fluking up" that I ID'd earlier this year.

Boy is it hot! We have not had a day under 98 degrees in weeks and most days it is 100 or more. Though my energy is somewhat sapped I have to say I like it. Believe me when I say that all I wear down here is shorts and a hat (night or day). No shoes of any kind unless I am going across sand at midday and no shirt unless I am going into town....oh, and always a trusty wetted scarf.

For those of you who did not follow up on the dragonfly migration, I checked it out online and yes of course it has to do with mating and birthing. Our dragonflies here arrive as young adults in the winter and then head north to start a new generation around this time. They are a bit early perhaps but every critter out there is adjusting to the incremental climate changes (soon to be substantially more dramatic) preceding the planetary "warm up".

It is now 5 days later and there are still more dragonflies passing by (not in the same numbers but at least 10/minute)!! Meaning that there must have been 100's of thousands that have passed during this week. Very

Wind has been up the last few days so no sea time. Did get to watch my ST Iguana chow down on some Yuca Vine ( Merriema aurea) blossoms today, I've never seen that before.


  1. Hi Urmas,
    You have thousands of dragonflies. I have ONE that has been returning to me backyard every day for the past few. It is a bright and glorious orange. What color are yours??

  2. can't get a good look, they never stop anywhere.