Monday, July 6, 2009

Spiny Tailed Iguana

Big day yesterday. I wasn’t quite ready to get to my laps after the other day’s jellyfish (colony actually) episode so I found a bunch of gardening to do. I don’t really have a garden per se. Mainly, but not exclusively, I try to encourage the desert plants to grow as big and beautiful as they can be. Mostly this just means pruning, watering and fertilizing. I am beginning to see the rewards of my work and it is truly satisfying.

I also have a new companion. A young Spiny Tailed Iguana has taken up residence in my large piece of driftwood I call “El Dracon”. I haven’t named him yet, I’ll have to wait and see how his personality manifests, but I am delighted! He has a friend living there also (I am pretty sure it is a Black Tailed Brush Lizard) though he might eat him at some point.

By the time I was through in the garden it was hot and I needed a swim. So somewhat reluctantly I went to the beach for my laps. Well it was of course extraordinary in every way. The water was crystalline, no wind, warm and not an Agua Mala in sight. Nevertheless after every 50 strokes I stopped for a look see (they are easy to spot, always on the surface).

Also did some early evening planting (yes I do add a new plant occasionally).

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