Friday, July 24, 2009

For those of you who have been down here to El Cardonal, this is probably your last look at the old main street. Chances are the next time you are here it will be paved, have sidewalks and street lights. Personally, I am now OK with it. Is it not true that the only absolute is change?

On a very different note, the past two days I have observed an early morning dragonfly migration that I assume is related to mating. Literally thousands of dragonflies have past over my palapa on their way somewhere north of here ( I counted 45 in one minute in my limited field of view = 2000+ in one hour). I estimate that in the two mornings that I observed, at least 10,000 dragonflies must have passed the palapa. Entomology was never my expertise so I don't know much more but it is a sight to see. Not exactly on the level of the famed locusts but pretty impressive. The photos don't do it justice at all. One of my reptile friends could only dream he could get up there to catch one. Not a single dragonfly landed in all the time I watched.

The reptile I speak of is that Spiny tailed Iguana perched on the very end of the fence post on the left eye balling a passing dragonfly. Going tank diving on the reef in about an hour.

Just came in from the dive. Excellent as always to be able to take time to really get up close and look at things. Very calm, visibility good, water warm and a good dive partner. What more could I ask? Compared to my days diving for the Bodega Marine Lab on the California North Coast it's truly heavenly!

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