Friday, December 4, 2009

Just feel that I need to put a photo or two up for color. This is an artist’s conception of the “Quantum Foam” that I lectured about for years. It is my favorite theory of Cosmology.

This is a picture of my mother, brother and me just before our escape from Estonia during WWII. My mother passed into the Spirit World 6 years ago tomorrow. To a very great extent her hard work and love made it possible for me to be living here in Baja Sur today. I would like to think that the way I am leading my life now honors her memory......and makes her smile.

A fine day yesterday in every way. The morning was clear, calm and crisp but not at all cold. Perfect for a kayaking day. I e-mailed Alan (who is always ready for an adventure and you really never know what you will see and/or experience once you go out into The Sea) and told him I was going out and then launched around 9:00. I could see the water was really clear and it was going to be great diving on the reef….but first the Whale Zone. As I write this, it is 7:30 pm and the full moon is just coming up, I can hear the Humpbacks breaching out in our little bay. When they hit the surface coming down it is like a thunderclap, way cool. I am too comfortable right now to go out in the kayak and look for a close encounter, perhaps next full moon.

Anyway, Alan and I hung out in the WZ for about an hour and then came in over the reef as we usually do. We anchored at our favorite spot and went in. It was truly grand, one of the best days I have had on the reef and I have had plenty. The water was exceptionally clear and there were hundreds, thousands of fish everywhere. We both agreed that today was a special day on the reef for sure.

Later in the afternoon (around 4:30 pm) while sitting on my bodega roof wondering if I might see a Humpback go by, I saw 2 maybe 3. They were about a ¼ mile out and just south of the bays southern point. Two of them fluked up so I was sure of the species and that there were indeed at least two. It is clear that they are back in my area and perhaps in greater numbers than usual. I did see Vicente (my pangero) in town later and he said that he does remember seasons where they were here this early. I may go out with him next Monday if I continue to see them around.

After fixing myself a sumptuous dinner I got behind the computer to do the post and then I heard the Humpbacks out there dancing under the full moon, how cool is that??

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