Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well it is now Sunday morning and I am “recuperating” from the last two days. I misplaced my wallet on Friday, losing $200, credit cards, SS card, Drivers license etc. All my fault and it’s going to take some doing replacing everything from down here in Mexico. I do have to admit though that after the initial panic about it I simply canceled the cards (as anyone would of course) did all that I could and then continued my drive to San Jose del Cabo in a meditative state.

Included in the wallet was also evidence of a free night due me at the hotel in SJD. Upon checking in (it is a small hotel frequented primarily by Mexicans and having a tranquility not found at the larger hotels) I explained my situation and after about 15 min of checking they smiled and said of course they would honor it. The staff remembers me from the times I have stayed before and vouched for my integrity. It was really all rather touching.

During the night I agonized over all the worst case scenarios regarding the loss of these important “things” but once again I meditated on them being just “things” and not me per se and felt a lot better. Yesterday morning I went to the beach and did my running and pushups. It was a beautiful day here in The Los Cabos area, truly beautiful. I watched two Ospreys hunt the beach and kept my eyes out for whales but saw none. It is true though that everyone I have talked to in the cape area has commented on seeing more whales earlier than usual. This is a photo sent me by my good old friend Peter Armstrong in Ukiah (a master photographer by the way), California. Appears it’s a bit cold up that way, glad I’m here in the sub tropics.

Later yesterday evening I gave my presentation to about 30 wonderful, attentive and generous people. Their contributions will allow me another 5 times out with my pangero Vicente and that’s what counts. I am deeply grateful to these fine people and their continuing support of my work. It was a treat to be with them last night. Stayed talking well into the evening so thereby the “recuperation”.

Here are two recent photos that I took which you might enjoy. The first is the moon rise a week or so ago. They are really spectacular here over The Sea of Cortez and “The Shining One” always fills me with love for the grandeur of The Cosmos. The other is of a visitor that came by the other day and fell into my foot bath outside my trailer door. Needless to say it caught my attention. I scooped the poor thing out and placed it on the step to dry out and relax a bit. About 15 min later it flew off and I had the treat of seeing yet another of Earth’s delightful….and colorful creatures. Have no idea what it is.

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