Monday, December 14, 2009

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a benefit sail on The Brigantine Schooner "Talofa" on Jan. 10th, 2010 to greet and honor the return of the humpbacks and support my work with them. For information and reservations please contact Capt. Cactus Bryan at 624-155-7271 or

Big day today, happy guy! Went out on my bodega roof with my hot chocolate this morning (mornings are cool) to see what I could see. Within minutes I saw three blows off Los Algodones (a village just south of me) and I took off looking for Vicente. Took me awhile but I found him and we agreed to meet at the boat in 20 min. I stopped by Alan’s to see if he wanted to go and he started gathering his gear. We picked the Whales up in front of Punta Pescadero and followed them for about 2 ½ hours until the wind came up. I got one good fluke ID and plenty of good flank shots. Great to go out the first time in the season and get an ID! There were two males and a female. The males were in combat part of the time with the female just cruising as they do. We saw some spectacular “peduncle throws” by the males and heard lots of “trumpeting”.

This is the ID shot. Taken almost directly into the sun but iPhoto is a marvelous thing on a Mac.

These are two shots of “combat”. The whale on the right is the aggressor.

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