Saturday, November 28, 2009

Obviously not my picture but I just wanted to share it with you. If you feel we spend too much money on “Space” ventures, consider the costs of the Military and the bailouts of the scumbags on Wall Street. I will be using it in my slide show in San Jose del Cabo on the 12th of December as an example of “Free Fall” and our relationship to The Whales.

All is well. Even with Thanksgiving and the many Gringos in the area it has been pretty quiet. “Winter” here in Baja Sur has begun. I went to dinner last night wearing long pants and a warm shirt…almost put on socks! It was a traditional and warm Thanksgiving dinner with Alex & Leslie Cook, along with family and friends, a delightful evening.

The beach has changed dramatically with the North Wind eating away the sand and exposing the rocks again. All the sand is being carried down to the southern end of our little bay where it will be until June/July of next year when the South Wind will return and move the sand once again. I wish I had paid more attention in Geology class so I would know more about these processes. Fortunately I have time to observe the changes over time and I am beginning to understand them better. You can see that there is a good 4 feet of sand that is being washed away. If you have the inclination you can see the same beach as it appeared in August by going back to earlier posts.

Another natural sculpture crafted by the Wind and the Sea. I love the color and textural contrasts!

I built this cover over the past few weeks as a beach project. I use it as my forward observation post when looking for Humpbacks. It was fun to build (Robinson Crusoe right?), cozy and has been used by many a beach stroller since it went up.

I find myself looking out to Sea more often now, hoping for another glimpse of my Cetacean friends. I so look forward to being with them again.

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