Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm going native! Had fantasies of "Night of the Iguana" last night, alas no Ava Gardner. The little palapa in one picture is where I start my swimming laps. You can see the path thru the rocks used to get to deeper water. The other shot is of yet another of nature's passing art works.

We are all still waiting for the rains to begin. Every day the word is, “Otra vez es muy calor y no lluvia” (very hot again and no rain). Pretty much every afternoon we have wonderful dark thunderheads just a few miles to the west of us enshrouding the mountain tops but they never quite reach us. I enjoy sitting in the late afternoon under the palapa and marveling at these great expanses of water rising in the air and the “thunderous” dynamics of it all (lightening has always fascinated me, especially in the desert where there is little to no danger of fire). Fortunately the town does have a sufficient water supply so no one is endangered by the lack of rain as yet. The desert waits.

I have found that the pair of Ospreys (they mate for life) that have lived in our area for as long as I have been coming here begin their evenings hunt around 3:30 pm and continue (depending on success) until around 6:00 pm. That is about the time I go next door to do my evenings online stuff and where I sit outside is exactly where the Ospreys hunt. Needless to say I am often distracted from my writing. I will take my camera with me next time and see if I can get a good picture. They are truly one of the most magnificent birds on our planet.

The other day I watched one of my Cactus Wrens in a tussle with one of my Grey Thrashers over the rights to a Cerruelo plum. They really went at it for about 10 seconds and then parted, no apparent damage done even though both birds have formidable beaks.

I was stung again by a scorpion the other night….in my bed! I was asleep and woke to something crawling on my thigh so I swatted it as usual and was rewarded with the very obvious sting of a scorpion on my hand. Then I brushed it off but got stung on my thigh in the process. I jumped out of bed, turned on the light and there it was. I grabbed some tissue and smushed it (it was a small scorpion). I now wear shorts to sleep! Hurt for about 10 hrs and then gone but boy do they pack a wallop.

No Sea action in awhile but plan to go kayaking in the next few days.

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  1. Today is Sunday following your Tuesday post and I think it is safe to say that the desert's wait for rain is about to be concluded with a bang. Hurricane Jimena is now looking like it will make landfall somewhere in Baja. And it's a biggee - Category 3 or 4, winds to 125mph. Arrival Tuesday night?