Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This crop circle turned up in England at the beginning of the month

Why is it here on my blog? Perhaps because I see in these amazing works a power of good that is badly needed on our planet at this time. So be it, eh?

I have developed an ear infection from that dive I made some weeks back. Nothing serious but the doc told me yesterday that I have to stay out of the water for a week....yeow! On top of that he also noticed a small lesion on my forearm and thinks it may be basil cell carcinoma. Not surprising with all the sun I get. I may go in for a biopsy and excision if it doesn't improve in the next week. So it appears that my years health chalenges are not quite over. I am beginning to feel like one of those "older folks" characterizations where all I can talk about is my health. On that note I think I will make this my last mention of such things on this blog.

I have discovered that flies have an equally irritable buddy in the form of gnats. Because of the heat and humidity the insects are of course having their time. Great for them....inconvenient for us. I actually went into town the other day and bought a fly swatter and the fly population has suffered accordingly (at least in my immediate vicinity). I feed the corpses to my friends the red ants who spend all day looking for chow. No I don't carry the corpse to some central ant location and watch. I simply flick the irritating creatures on to the sand in front of my lounge and I know that very soon a red ant will come upon it and deliver it to the family.

Not much else going on in the natural world that I have seen or experienced, nevertheless it seems that every day I discover some small new bit of it's presence. The other day I swam over the top of a Jewel Moray Eel while doing laps. Beautiful, harmless and relatively rare to see. Oh, and a flight of snow white pelicans (American White Pelican, a summer visitor here) against the azure of the sky and sea.....way cool.

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