Saturday, June 27, 2009

Arrived back at my trailer around 8:00 pm after the flight, a walk to the bus, a walk from the highway into Los Barriles, a walk (attempting to hitch hike) out about 3 miles, started getting dark so hitched back into town and finally found someone to drive me to El Cardonal; my village.

Up this morning to tranquil seas, sunny skies, light velvety breeze and warm temperatures. My village friends all glad to see I was recovered and ready to Rock and Roll. Many laughs describing, in Spanish, my recent adventure.

Will start posting more interesting stuff as soon as I get out to sea again...etc. Oh, the village did bite the bullet on Hurricane Anderes. Went back out to Sea and dissipated.

Another pic of my corner of El Cardonal. That's my palapa with trailer underneath and bodega to the left.

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