Friday, June 5, 2009

I need to return to The States soon to have a medical procedure. Nothing life threatening but necessary nonetheless. In the meantime I am thoroughly enjoying the summer so far. It is hot, no question (mid 90's) and humid but the sea is like a lake, the water is warm and clear, there are soft breezes in the late afternoon and the shade under the palapa gives me a place to siesta.

Few tourists left in the village and only one last Ukiahian.

Rumor is that there is a pod of Orcas in the area and I think I may have seen them this morning from the bluff. I didn't have my binocs so couldn't be sure but they were too big for dolphins. There are however at least two species of false Orcas that inhabit our waters. Naturally I will go out to the whale zone in my kayak tomorrow and see if I can arrange an encounter. That would be ssoooo cool! I may try this evening too. My equipment is all ready to go. I could be launched in 10-15 min.

I took a walk along the beach this afternoon and decided to go in for a swim. There was a good sized dog where I was and he decided to swim with me. Great fun, he stayed right with me and when I turned so did he. At one point as I was swimming he ran right into me and I began laughing so hard that I had to get out. What a deal. I get run into by a DOG while swimming laps in The Sea of Cortez. I guess you had to have been there.

The pic of the little tree is my version of creative planting. That's the view from where I like best to sit under the palapa. The big house is to give you an idea of the level of development in our village. The shot down the beach shows the "bluff" I sometimes refer to. You can see my palapa roof and the trailer underneath just to the left of the big white house on the left of the pic.

I will report on any and all Orca doings.

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