Saturday, June 6, 2009

No Orcas today but I did get out bright and early (7:30 am) and proceeded to the "whale zone" in my trusty kayak. Spotted a Bryde's whale passing through but a close encounter was problematic. Then I saw a herd of Long Beaked Common Dolphins feeding nearby and kayaked into their midst. Damned if they did not scatter as usual and when I dove in amongst them they stayed around. I got to swim with one for a while (another first) and when we dove down together a California Sea Lion joined us. What fun!!

It is now 6:00 pm and my kayak is ready to go if the Orcas show up. Will try again tomorrow morning too.

The pics are of a Bryde's Whale that I took some years ago and of course a drawing to show you what they actually look like in total. The dolphin is a Long Beaked Common dolphin often found here and in large numbers. I took this picture from my kayak two years ago.

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