Thursday, February 19, 2009

The wind has again been a major issue in this seasons work. Much to my frustration I have watched 11 whales go by without being able to get to them for an ID. My two student volunteers arrived yesterday and perhaps they will bring some good luck with them. We are scheduled to go out tomorrow but the wind is still blowing so doesn’t look good. I am not however depressed, frustrated yes, but not depressed.
I have begun to understand intellectually, and more importantly feel, that I am on a path started long ago, literally lifetimes ago. It is for me at this time to appreciate it’s unfolding and to use all my physical, mental and spiritual capabilities to enhance it’s expression.

A bit of very good news. The entangled whale that I wrote about the other day was found again and has apparently been rescued (that is freed from the net) by divers from The Mexican Navy and one of the dive outfits in San Jose Del Cabo. I will get more details soon but you may see something about it in the news, certainly online. These kinds of rescues will most likely be occurring more often as the human population grows, more food is needed, more nets are put out and more whales are entrapped. It is inevitable!
Everything we humans do on this planet to resolve the deteriorating environmental situation is futile unless we seriously address the question of population growth and consumption of natural resources. “Over population” is a two headed monster; “people over population” in third world countries leading to poverty and “consumption over population” in first world countries leading to pollution. Until we address this as the core of our problems we are just biding our time.

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