Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lots of wind the last two days so keeping busy with all kinds of projects. This morning however, around 10:30, I glanced out to sea and for a moment I thought there were two pangas off the south point. Turned out to be two Blue Whales (first Blues for me this year) traveling slowly north. The sea was far choppier than I like to kayak in but I just couldn’t resist. Within 5 minutes I was at the beach and launched. I had to paddle into the wind, which was of course difficult but great exercise. Kayaked out about a mile and then waited. No luck didn’t even see another blow. As I sat rocking and rolling in my kayak with the wind blowing and the white caps sighing like powerful old friends I was again transported into that place so dear to my heart…. nature! I stayed out longer than necessary and paddled in comfortably with the wind some time later. Next time.

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