Sunday, February 22, 2009

Just got in from being out at sea. Although the weather was iffy this morning, I could not wait another day so we went for it before the wind came up (which we knew it would). Straight off Elizabeth spots a Humpback a bit south of us. We motor to the area but for only the second time in 5 years of whale work we lose it. No ID of course. For the next three hours we search the grid but see nothing. Then as we are coming in, and the seas are getting serious, we literally come across another Humpback. We decide to go for it even though beaching the panga is going to be difficult. We miss two fluke opportunities and then on the third I get the ID. It was a small whale, possibly a yearling.

The ride back to the beach was exciting and the beaching even more so. Vicente did a masterful job of bringing the panga in and now we are all in relax mode. Fun day!

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