Thursday, February 26, 2009

Research going well. Two more HBs yesterday and another Blue. Went out today with no luck but the past week has been productive and fun. Elizabeth and Jessica are a hoot! Today we came across about eight Pilot Whales and Elizabeth turned to me and said," can I go in"? I said fine and she was in the water with them. Delightful to see....really delightful.

Wind has come up again so we are taking a break from searching for a day or two. This is the first time I have been able to go out during this time of year for five consecutive days. No returning whales from previous years so far. We did hear of a dead, beached HB up the coast from us and went to see it this morning. It was a yearling HB that had been caught up in a net. By the time we got to it today (12 days on beach) the net had been removed to destroy the evidence (these type of drift nets are illegal here). As I said in an earlier post....this will happen more often, no question. Sure wish we could have found him/her a couple of weeks ago!

I would love to post pics with these reports but my server here is too slow to upload for me to wait....sorry.

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