Saturday, February 14, 2009

Difficult day today because the wind was coming but there was a “window of opportunity” to go out early this morning. I saw two whales going north but quite a ways out. Vicente came by and we discussed it and decided not to go out. Mistake! The wind did not come up as fast as we had anticipated so we would have been good for at least 3 hours. Plenty of time to find the two whales. While stewing over that I spotted 4-5 more whales within easy reach. I rushed over to Vicente’s but by then there was too much wind to launch from the beach.

We are scheduled to go out tomorrow but the forecast is for greater wind so it is doubtful and a golden opportunity has been missed. Frustrating but I have been at this fieldwork long enough to know that another time will come………maybe tomorrow. I remember sharing expedition experiences with Josh Jones from Scripps some years ago and swapping “frustration stories”. He told of the time he went 26 days without a whale sighting. Talk about frustration, that beats any of my stories!

Just got an e-mail that there is an entangled Humpback south of me. May try to get there tomorrow and help out if weather permits.

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