Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Went out today due to a break in weather and attempting to maintain a tradition (last year we ID’d our first HB on the 21st. It’s name is now Odin, the second whale adopted by my son Zack). No luck today but Vicente will come get me the minute he or his friends see one and we will vamos! Otherwise I will probably wait until the weekend to go out again in order to conserve research funds.

The land donation is still in the works and I am pursuing it at leisure. After all, it is a life style I am more than ready to adopt…and have chosen to do so. It may be necessary to establish a Mexican non-profit first and to do that I need to talk to Carlos Narro and I have e-mailed him and………it’s just not to fret about. In the meantime my whale loving friends down here are putting together presentations and benefits to help raise the money for next years season.

The American economy, or lack of it, has impacted people (the Natives) here and it is sad because for some it means taking animals (turtles & sharks particularly) that they otherwise wouldn’t. I can’t, and have no right to fault them so I just go on doing what I can, and believe me that is very little. Nevertheless I do sense a generally higher consciousness developing regarding the environment and that is of course terribly satisfying.

Friday, the Governor of Baja Sur is coming to visit El Cardonal. It appears that I may have a chance to meet him and perhaps mention the marine lab. Once again Vicente seems to have some connection there and suggested it might happen. On the other hand Vicente is a dreamer like myself and may be conjuring up realities that don’t exist, and as a dreamer also, I have learned how to wake up without it jarring my goals or my confidence.

While we were out today I realized once again what an extraordinary place this is. From the water one can see a narrow strip of Sonoran type desert running at a gentle slope for about 2-3 miles inland and then running into a relatively massive mountain range that rises abruptly to 3-4000 feet. If you then imagine that running out to sea below you is a sharp slope that is 3-4000 feet deep at 4 miles out…well it’s pretty damn impressive!

I’m really looking forward to getting out to that deep zone in my kayak. I never know what I will see and there is always, always a chance for a close encounter with a Whale, Dolphin or Mobula.

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